Hotel Nanta

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Hotel NANTA, located at the foot of Hallasan is a unique and classy hotel that drew inspiration from Nanta performances, symbolic of Korean percussion and energy.

- High-quality amenities are available to comfort our guests, with a complementary view of the Hallasan or Jeju ocean.
- To elevate your sleep to another level of peacefulness, premium bedding sets are prepared.
- The hotel is a perfect location for a number of occasions from family gatherings, weddings to the large-scale international events.
- Diverse ranges of food will be prepared by the skilled chefs.

[Basic Information]

* Check-In 14:00 & Check-Out 11:00
- Late check-out is available at additional charges.

* Rates are based on double occupancy.

* Breakfast(Incl. VAT) 
- Hours : 7 am – 10 am
- Adults(over 14 years) : KRW 22,000 ( Hotel guest : KRW 18,000 )
- Children(4~ 13 years): KRW 13,200 ( Hotel guest : KRW 11,000 )
- Children under 36 months years are free of charge* Extra charge(Incl. VAT)
-  Extra Bed : KRW 40,000 per bed(Incl. Guest charge)
-  Extra Guest(Over 8 years) : KRW 20,000 per person.
-  Children under 8 years are free of charge.
   (Does not apply to room types with the maximum occupancy of 2 guests)

[Detailed Information]

* Smoking and use of fire is strictly prohibited in all rooms.
* Pets and animals are not allowed in rooms(exception: Guide dogs and Hearing assistance dogs)
* The number of guests per room may not exceed the maximum occupancy.
* Rearrangement and breaking down of the furniture is not allowed.
  (It is to minimize any unpleasant noise that may cause discomfort to other guests and possible floor damage.)
* For other inquiries, please contact us via email or phone.


TEL  +82-64-727-0602 / FAX +82-64-727-0628

* E-mail


Basic Information

  • Standard Twin
    100,000 ~

    Practical room with modern and simple interior.
    Bed Type : Single + Single
    Room Size : 31.35m²
    Standard 2 persons (maximum 2)
    Breakfast not Included

  • Deluxe Twin
    120,000 ~

    Family-focused room for comfortable stay, modern and simple.
    Bed Type : Double + single
    Room Size : 31.35m²
    Standard 2 persons (maximum 3)
    Breakfast not Included

  • Deluxe King
    150,000 ~

  • Deluxe Triple
    140,000 ~

    We prepared a room with 3 single beds for your comfortable travel.
    Bed Type : Single + Single + Single
    Room Size : 31.35m²
    Standard 3 persons (maximum 3)
    Breakfast not Included

  • Premium Twin
    180,000 ~

    A spacious room fit for a perfect trip with family and friends.
    Bed type: Double + Double
    Room Size : 37.95m²
    Standard : 4 persons (maximum 4)
    Breakfast not Included

  • Junior Suite
    260,000 ~

    You can enjoy the panoramic view of Jeju and the amazing landscape of Hallasan in Hotel Nanta rooms, which provides comfort with separated bedroom and living room spaces.
    Bed type: King size double
    Room Size : 57.55m²
    Standard 2 persons (In case additional personnel begin, a separate inquiry into hotels)
    Breakfast Included

  • Suite Executive
    600,000 ~

    Take pleasure by the fascinating views of Halla mountain in our Suite.
    The bedrooms are separated from the living room to provide more space and comport.
    Bed type : Double+Double
    Size : 91.9㎡
    Number of Guests : 4 persons

Cancellation policy

 - FREE CANCELLATION until 23:59:59 3 days prior to check-in.
 - Cancellations made 2 days to check-in day prior to check-in are subject to 100% penalty charge equivalent of the first night's stay.
 - NO-SHOW is subject to 100% penalty charge equivalent of the whole period stay.


* 56-26, Seondolmokdong-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea

* You can also find the exact location on "what3words" map by clicking below.


[Public transport]

* From Jeju Airport to HOTEL NANTA(approx. 35min)
 1. Take express bus number 112, 122 or 132 from the airport to [Jeju National Univ. Station](4 stops, 25mins)
 2. Transfer to 441 or 442 from [Jeju National Univ. Station] and get off at [Jeju Starlight Park Station(In front of Hotel NANTA) ](2 stops, 5mins)

* From Hotel NANTA to Jeju Airport(approx. 35min)
 1. Take bus number 441 or 442 from [Jeju Starlight Park Station(Opposite the HOTEL NANTA )] and get off at [Jeju National Univ. Station]                      (2 stops, 5mins) 
 2. Transfer to bus number 112, 122, 132 or 182 from [Jeju National Univ. Station] and get off at the airport(4 Stops, 25mins)                                           

     Bus Timetable :



* Parking lot in front of HOTEL NANTA

If you have any question, please contact us via QnA.

Available after log-in.

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